Strategies and tactics for recruiting to improve diversity and excellence (STRIDE)

This presentation from the Strategies and Tactics for Recruiting to Improve Diversity and Excellence (STRIDE) Committee at the University of Michigan describes the approach UMich has taken to maximize the chances of diverse, well-qualified candidates being identified and selected for faculty positions. It details the evolution of the policy, recommended practices and some outcomes observed over the years.

Handbook for faculty searches and promotion

This Handbook for Faculty Searches and Hiring from the University of Michigan provides guidelines for a comprehensive new faculty search and hiring process, with particular attention paid to concrete actions that can meet the University’s need for excellence with its desire for inclusiveness.

Modification of Promotion, Tenure, and Merit Review

This modification of guidelines at Indiana-Purdue University added a DEI-focused case to the existing “balanced case” framework to better recognize and reward faculty efforts to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion.