DORA encourages all individuals and organizations who are interested in developing and promoting best practice in the assessment of scholarly research to sign DORA.

In addition to researchers, DORA welcomes librarians, university staff, research managers, journal editors, staff from funding agencies, staff from research related non-profit organizations, etc. to sign as individuals.

Signing the Declaration on Research Assessment indicates an individual or organizational commitment to reform research assessment in alignment with the principles enunciated in the declaration. For individuals, this commitment can be enacted in a variety of ways which will vary with personal circumstances. For organizational signatories, we ask that the signer reads our Engagement and outreach policy to understand the expectations that commitment to DORA entails.

FAQ in English / Español

The ASCB manages the DORA data and website. In addition to DORA’s data policy, all data are subject to the additional policies in ASCB’s privacy policy.