First slide of presentation, with DORA logo over "Improving research assessment", link to, and "@DORAssessment on most social media platforms".

We know that slide presentations are one of the primary means of academic communication. To help you talk about research assessment, we created three presentations that are available for download.

Option 1 is a single slide for DORA that can be added to the end of presentations to introduce DORA and the importance of research assessment.


Option 2 is a short presentation that can be used when you have a few minutes to describe DORA and show good practices in research assessment that have implemented by research institutes, funders, and publishers. The presentation also includes a call to sign DORA.


Option 3 is the longest presentation available and contains the most information about DORA and the value of responsible assessment. It describes DORA, problems with common metrics, shows DORA’s activities, and gives examples of good practice.