Reconigition and Rewards

A 2023 guide from University of Gronigen on staff regognition. It describes several challenges in asessing faculty and emphasizes they will use a mix of quntitative and qualitative assessments.

Rector Frank Baaijens talks about Recognition and Rewards

A 2021 interview with Eindhoven University of Technology rector describing his sintitutions research assessment practices, noting that quality of outputs as well as quantity must be measured.

Research Assessment

An undated set of guidelines from ETH Zurich on how to assess research. It describes signing DORA and how it implemented its principles, notably by requiring qualitative criteria.

Principles of Responsible Research Assessment

A 2022 guide from University of Salford stating that the institution signed DORA in 2016, and providing a wide range of links to documents that can be used to guide research assessment.

Equality Impact Assessment: Screening Form

The University of Liverpool conducted an Equality Impact Assessment of its policy for the responsible use of metrics in research assessment. The policy is seen as consistent with the recruitment of individuals from underrepresented groups whose contributions may not score well on quantitative metrics.

Research evaluation and responsible research metrics

The website of the University of Edinburgh’s Research Office outlines key activities undertaken by the University around research evaluation and responsible research metrics since signing DORA in 2019.

Responsible use of research metrics

In this blogpost, the University of Edinburgh’s Research Office explains the concept of ‘responsible research metrics’, what the University is doing to implement this and why, and what this means for research and researchers.

Statement on the Responsible Use of Research Metrics

After signing DORA, the University of Edinburgh’s Research support office produced a Responsible Use of Research Metrics statement in 2019. The statement includes five commitments and was produced with input from focus groups representative of academic staff.

UCalgary signs Declaration on Research Assessment

In March 2021, University of Calgary became a signatory of DORA, recognizing a need for reform in research policy. This resource highlights UCalgary’s motivation for signing DORA, as well as their plans for a new framework regarding research assessment.

Utrecht University: Recognition and Rewards Criteria

This vision document of Utrecht University outlines its institutional version of the Dutch national reform initiative ‘Recognition and Rewards’ introduced in 2019.