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Institution Profile: University of Waterloo
Type of InstitutionComprehensive University or equivalent
Academic DisciplinesDiscipline non-specified
Summary of Intervention(s)

• In 2016, the University of Waterloo published an extensive White Paper containing a literature review on the role and limitation of bibliometrics for use in its research assessments.
• This document contained a series of good practice principles and recommendations, including summaries of the uses and limitations of various established publication and citation-based measures.
• The White Paper was authored by the University’s working group on bibliometrics and announced that it prepared the way for further initiatives in the University, including creation of an online research guide to facilitate access to background research literature in bibliometrics, and a drive to discriminate between appropriate and inappropriate uses of bibliometrics at Waterloo.

Source Material
2016 Action plan, Principles
LinkResponsible Metrics
Type of DecisionHiring, Promotion, Tenure
Scope of PolicyInstitution-wide
Academic DisciplinesDiscipline non-specified

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