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Institution Profile: Tilburg University
Type of InstitutionComprehensive University or equivalent
Academic DisciplinesDiscipline non-specified
Summary of Intervention(s)

• In the Netherlands, various debates, agendas and campaigns around responsible research assessment culminated in the multi-stakeholder Recognition and Rewards Programme and its position paper ‘Room for Everyone’s Talent’ being published in 2019. • Tilburg University in response formed a Steering Committee for Recognition and Rewards. The process of forming the Steering Committee involved entering into a dialogue with its academic community regarding the new approach to recognition and rewards.
• Actions that were taken following the collection of feedback included developing policies to allow for the appointment of full professors with an accent on teaching.
• Additional actions that were taken included the implementation of new Performance & Talent Development system with attention to the five core domains of the national Recognition and Rewards programme, and new criteria for recruitment and promotion in line with the Recognition and Rewards programme.

Source Material
2021 Action plan, Announcement
LinkCultivating talents, Portfolio assessment
Type of DecisionPromotion
Scope of PolicyInstitution-wide
Academic DisciplinesDiscipline non-specified

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