School of Interactive Games and Media, Rochester IT

Institution Profile: School of Interactive Games and Media, Rochester IT
LocationUnited States of America
Type of InstitutionSpecialized University or equivalent
Summary of Intervention(s)

• To reflect the relative youth of the multidisciplinary field of Interactive Games and Media and its contributions to economy and society, since 2013 the School has drawn on discipline specific Guidance to inform promotion and tenure decisions.
• To evaluate impact and translation of scholarly works faculty contributions are evaluated against three criteria:
• Applied Production (contributions to other practitioners in the field e.g. development of open source software package or methodological contribution);
• Scholarly publication and exhibition (peer reviewed publications, but also non-traiditonal outputs like commentaries or criticisms, uses of work by other development groups, establishments of new standards or productions);
• Groupwork, teamwork and multidisciplinary contribution (Partnership throughout the academic and commercial landscape, contributions to multidisciplinary teams – as principal investigator type profiles are less common in this field).
• The Impact of works published openly via third-party media platforms that have not undergone traditional ex ante peer review can be documented by showing how audiences, academics, critics or industry have responded to the work.

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