Our commitment to the Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA)

This is a statement from the University of Sussex that it has signed DORA. The statement announces that to mark the signing, HR is undertaking a review of assessment processes and a plan is being put in place to monitor the effectiveness implementation of DORA principles.

Leeds Beckett University Statement on the Responsible use of Research Metrics

Leeds Beckett University has produced its own statement for responsible uses of research metrics, which contains nine principles, adapted from several sources, including the Leiden Manifesto, Metric Tide Report, and UK Forum for Responsible Metrics. The statement reinforces the importance of expert judgement and transparency in research assessment.

Principles to promote responsible use of research metrics

After signing DORA in 2019, the University of Oxford adopted ten principles to promote responsible use of research metrics in its recruitment and renewal processes as well as in the institutional Research Excellence Framework assessments.

Equality Impact Assessment: Screening Form

The University of Liverpool conducted an Equality Impact Assessment of its policy for the responsible use of metrics in research assessment. The policy is seen as consistent with the recruitment of individuals from underrepresented groups whose contributions may not score well on quantitative metrics.

Responsible use of research metrics

In this blogpost, the University of Edinburgh’s Research Office explains the concept of ‘responsible research metrics’, what the University is doing to implement this and why, and what this means for research and researchers.

Our Commitment to Responsible Research Assessment

This statement on responsible research assessment from the University of Birmingham outlines nine commitments meant to introduce widespread culture change around research evaluation.

Strategies and tactics for recruiting to improve diversity and excellence (STRIDE)

This presentation from the Strategies and Tactics for Recruiting to Improve Diversity and Excellence (STRIDE) Committee at the University of Michigan describes the approach UMich has taken to maximize the chances of diverse, well-qualified candidates being identified and selected for faculty positions. It details the evolution of the policy, recommended practices and some outcomes observed over the years.

Handbook for faculty searches and promotion

This Handbook for Faculty Searches and Hiring from the University of Michigan provides guidelines for a comprehensive new faculty search and hiring process, with particular attention paid to concrete actions that can meet the University’s need for excellence with its desire for inclusiveness.

TU Delft Recognition & Rewards Perspective 2021-2024

Dutch University TU Delft has taken on initiatives to better recognise and reward academics instituting programs such as the ” Recognition & Rewards programme,” and “Open Science Programme.”