2013 Outcomes, Policies
University of Michigan

InstitutionUniversity of Michigan
LocationUnited States of America
Institution TypeComprehensive University or equivalent
Assessment TopicsEquity and inclusion
Type of DecisionHiring, Promotion, Retention
Populations AffectedPopulation non-specified
Type of Source MaterialOutcomes, Policies
Scope of PolicyInstitution-wide
Academic DisciplinesDiscipline non-specified
Source Material Linkhttp://oxide.jhu.edu/src/NDEW/2013/pres/NDEW2013_Sekaquaptewa.pdf

This presentation from the Strategies and Tactics for Recruiting to Improve Diversity and Excellence (STRIDE) Committee at the University of Michigan describes the approach UMich has taken to maximize the chances of diverse, well-qualified candidates being identified and selected for faculty positions. It details the evolution of the policy, recommended practices and some outcomes observed over the years.

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