GFC Academic Staff Criteria & Processes Handbook

In 2021, University of Calgary created the Academic Staff Criteria and Processes Handbook to inform promotion and tenure of faculty and research staff included a line committing to DORA. The handbook also includes criteria regarding knowledge engagement and knowledge transfer, being rewarded in assessments, among other criteria.

Senior Academic Promotions Procedure: Procedure no. 57

Trinity College has updated their senior academic promotions procedure which aims to ensure fairness, transparency, and equality of opportunity regarding promotion procedure. This resource outlines this procedure and notes Trinity College’s expectation to expand their contributions to education and research over time.

Senior Academic Promotions Call 2020

Guidelines for senior academic promotion policy at Trinity College have been established. This doucment provides examples of the criteria to be considered in a candidate’s potential promotion at Trinity College.

Utrecht University: Recognition and Rewards Criteria

This vision document of Utrecht University outlines its institutional version of the Dutch national reform initiative ‘Recognition and Rewards’ introduced in 2019.

Academic Promotion Criteria for 2019-2020

This document outlines the changes in the professorial promotion criteria introduced at the University of Glasgow in 2019 to put more attention on evidence of collegiality and commitments to societal impact and open research.

Assessment of Community-Engaged Scholarship

This document from University of Minnesota- Twin Cities gives a description of the criteria involved in the assessment of community-engaged scholarship. Such criteria are categorized into eight factions.

Review Committee on Community-Engaged Scholarship

The Review Committee on Community-Engaged Scholarship at the University of Minnesota provides guidance and feedback for faculty engaged in community-based research during their promotion and tenure process.