Sheffield Hallam University Concordat Action Plan (January 2019-2021)

This is an action plan from Sheffield Hallam University outlining the actions of the University to improve faculty recruitment, hiring and promotion practices in support of it’s committment to DORA and equity in hiring, promotion, and general practices.

Evaluation Report of the National Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM)

This is a report on the National Institute for Health and Medical Research (INSERM) includes a review on the evaluation practices of INSERM. The report findings draw from faculty and staff interviews and the organization’s self-assessment report. The report references that evaluation criteria include a range of metrics and outputs, in line with DORA’s recommendations. This report is in both English and French.

Responsible Use of Metrics Policy

In this policy on the responsible use of metrics, Durham University states that it is a signatory of DORA and outlines the scope and principles for use of the policy. The policy outlines the responsibilities of the university (e.g., use metrics transparently, with caution, and appropriately) and the responsibilities of the staff (e.g., using metrics responsibly and with training).

Library Research Support: Responsible Metrics

Durham University’s library created guidance for researchers and research managers about the responsible use of metrics, research assessment, and the University’s policy on responsible use of metrics.

Application and Consistency of Approach in the Use of Performance Metrics

This is a 2015 review from Imperial College London on the Application and Consistency of Approach in the Use of Performance Metrics. This review enshrined the principle that research activities (e.g., research, teaching, mentoring and citizenship) should all be recognized in an evidence-based way in hiring and promotion decisions at Imperial.

Research Evaluation: The Declaration on Research Assessment

This is a 2017 statement from Imperial College London that it has signed DORA. The page declares the commitment of the College to responsible research assessment and outlines the plans of the College to create a working group to implement more responsible assessment policies and practices.

Report of the DORA Working Group

Imperial College London signed DORA in 2017 and created a DORA working group. This report outlines the working group’s terms of reference, goals, and recommendations for implementing responsible assessment practices.