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Institution Profile: University of Oxford
LocationUnited Kingdom
Type of InstitutionComprehensive University or equivalent
Academic DisciplinesDiscipline non-specified
Summary of Intervention(s)

• In 2019, the University of of Oxford’s Research and Innovation Committee approved a set of ten principles to promote responsible use of research metrics at the University, reinforcing its signing of DORA in 2019.
• The ten principles are a synthesis of recommendations from the Leiden Manifesto, DORA, and the Metric Tide Report.
• As part of efforts to implement the principles in recruitment and renewal processes, the the Pro-Vice-Chancellor for People & Gardens, Libraries and Museums together with the Head of Recruitment in HR ran the Associate Professors Inclusive Recruitment Project in 2020-2021.
• The project looked into how to broaden the race and gender diversity of associate professors (APs); how to identify the impacts DORA would have on AP recruitment processes and identifying practical solutions.
• The outcomes of the project are expected to inform further implementation of DORA in the context of recruitment of research staff and statutory professors and from reappointment to retirement of associate professors in the initial period of office.

Source Material
2019 Action plan, Principles
LinkResponsible Metrics
Type of DecisionHiring, Promotion, Retention
Scope of PolicyInstitution-wide
Academic DisciplinesDiscipline non-specified

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