St George’s, University of London

Institution Profile: St George’s, University of London
LocationUnited Kingdom
Type of InstitutionSpecialized University or equivalent
Academic DisciplinesMedical Sciences
Summary of Intervention(s)

• After signing DORA in 2018, St. George’s University of London set up a DORA working group in 2020 to explore integrating DORA principles into the University’s research culture and environment.
• As part of the commitment to pursue ‘whole-system change’, in 2020 St. George’s committed to a significant action plan, consisting of:
• Issuing a statement of commitment to the DORA principles on the SGUL website.
• Providing guidelines to senior staff on good practice in research(er) evaluation during hiring, promotion and reward with a suite of options for requesting and measuring the range of academic contributions to research (including the CREDiT taxonomy and Résumé for Researchers toolkit produced by the Royal Society).
• Providing guidance and workshops for researchers to raise awareness of tools for recording/evidencing the full range of their contributions to high-quality scientific research on CVs and promotions applications.
• Developing an advocacy programme and communication to raise awareness of these initiatives.
• Exploring opportunities to identify areas where good practice isn’t being upheld. Develop a process to monitor and report on progress.
• The University website states that guidance has been issued to its promotions committee on using publication metrics responsibly for academic promotions (link to guidance is behind an intranet).

Source Material
2020 Practices, Principles
LinkResponsible Metrics
Scope of PolicyInstitution-wide
Academic DisciplinesMedical Sciences

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