Manchester Metropolitan University

Institution Profile: Manchester Metropolitan University
LocationUnited Kingdom
Type of InstitutionComprehensive University or equivalent
Academic DisciplinesDiscipline non-specified
Summary of Intervention(s)

• As a signatory of DORA, Manchester Metropolitan University published a statement on principles of responsible research metrics to be adhered to throughout the University.
• The statement strongly resonates with principles articulated by DORA and the Leiden Manifesto.
• The five principles include:
• Metrics should inform qualitative and expert assessment and opinion, not replace it; research metrics should be used in the appropriate context; this means metrics should be applied appropriately in relation to subject area/discipline, career stage, working patterns and the focus of a particular job role; transparency in how metrics are used, with individuals given the right to respond.
• Another principle is that those staff using metrics will be given appropriate training.

Source Material
LinkResponsible Metrics
Scope of PolicyInstitution-wide
Academic DisciplinesDiscipline non-specified

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