Research Assessment

An undated set of guidelines from ETH Zurich on how to assess research. It describes signing DORA and how it implemented its principles, notably by requiring qualitative criteria.

Promoting Open Science

An interview with president of the Open Science Strategic Committee of EPFL that notes the institution signed DORA and on training to and practices to enhance open science.

Guidelines: DORA

A 2022 statement from Bern University of Applied Sciences about insitituional research that includes statements that the institution has signed DORA, CoARA, and the Berlin Declaration on Open Access.

DORA Declaration

An undated statement that Universität Bern signed DORA in 2016.

Recruiting for Excellence

This packet from University of Zurich provides information on fair assessment of job candidates and how to recognize and avoid biases, specifically gender bias, during the hiring process.

ETH Zurich