Rector Frank Baaijens talks about Recognition and Rewards

A 2021 interview with Eindhoven University of Technology rector describing his sintitutions research assessment practices, noting that quality of outputs as well as quantity must be measured.

Assessing our Researchers

An undated description of policies of The Francis Crick Institute regarding open science, preprints, and DORA.

U-M ADVANCE works to improve faculty diversity through hiring

In this news item, the University of Michigan describes the STRIDE Committee (‘Strategies and Tactics for Recruiting to Improve Diversity and Excellence’) which is an initiative to provide information, advice and workshops on practices that will likely maximize the chances of diverse, well-qualified candidates being identified and selected for faculty positions.

Guidelines for Preparing and Reviewing Promotion and Tenure Dossiers

Indiana University has created guidelines for promotion and tenure dossiers. This guide outlines many different parameters for the preparation of promotion and/or tenure including a wide variety of criteria to assist in these deliberations.

TU Delft Recognition & Rewards Perspective 2021-2024

Dutch University TU Delft has taken on initiatives to better recognise and reward academics instituting programs such as the ” Recognition & Rewards programme,” and “Open Science Programme.”

Academic Promotion Criteria for 2019-2020

This document outlines the changes in the professorial promotion criteria introduced at the University of Glasgow in 2019 to put more attention on evidence of collegiality and commitments to societal impact and open research.