Rector Frank Baaijens talks about Recognition and Rewards

A 2021 interview with Eindhoven University of Technology rector describing his sintitutions research assessment practices, noting that quality of outputs as well as quantity must be measured.

Senior Academic Promotions Procedure: Procedure no. 57

Trinity College has updated their senior academic promotions procedure which aims to ensure fairness, transparency, and equality of opportunity regarding promotion procedure. This resource outlines this procedure and notes Trinity College’s expectation to expand their contributions to education and research over time.

Senior Academic Promotions Call 2020

Guidelines for senior academic promotion policy at Trinity College have been established. This doucment provides examples of the criteria to be considered in a candidate’s potential promotion at Trinity College.

Academic Promotions Framework: Version for 2023 promotion round

This is a webpage from the University of Bristol that transparently outlines promotions practices for Associate Professors and Professors. The webpage contains information for candidates and reviewers, in addition to the University’s Academic Promotions Framework, which recognizes a broad range of academic outputs for promotion.