DORA Newsletter Nov. 2023


Farewells, Welcomes, and Exciting News

Bidding farewell to Chair Stephen Curry
Since October 2017, Stephen Curry has been Chair of DORA, acting as an advocate for equitable and responsible research assessment. Read his farewell address here.

Welcoming the new Co-Chairs and Vice-Chair 

As of November 2023, Ginny Barbour of Queensland University of Technology, and Kelly Cobey of the University of Ottawa Heart Institute have taken on a joint role of Chair of DORA. As of November 2023, Rebecca Lawrence of F1000 has become new Vice-Chair of DORA. Read the opening remarks of the new Co-Chairs and Vice-Chair here.

Get to know DORA’s new Program Director
Since becoming Program Director of DORA in July 2023, Zen Faulkes has been passionate about contributing to DORA’s mission. Read his welcoming statement here.

Say hello to DORA’s new Policy Associate
We are excited to also welcome our new Policy Associate, Casey Donahoe, who will join us from 2023-2024. She looks forward to collaborating with the DORA team and is excited to contribute to making a difference in responsible research assessment.


QUT becomes signatory of DORA
As of September 15th, 2023, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is officially a signatory of DORA, committing to the support of high quality research and fair research assessment. QUT has also announced their plan to institute a new approach to assessing research and researchers using DORA, as well as other institutions, as guides, establishing a list of principles they will adhere to in order to accomplish this.

Get excited about Reformscape
Exciting things are coming your way in January 2024, in the form of Reformscape! This easily accessible tool is structured to help you see how institutions around the world are implementing reform in research assessment and hiring processes. Reformscape is a roadmap to policy change that is meant to be both explored and contributed to, with information on many of the questions that may arise when trying to implement new policy. Keep an eye on DORA’s socials for updates on Reformscape!


Haley Hazlett
Dr. Haley Hazlett has been DORA's Program Manager since 2021. She was a DORA Policy Intern before taking the role of Program Manager. She obtained her Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology in 2021 and is passionate about improving research culture for all researchers.

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