DORA Welcomes New Co-Chairs and Vice Chair

As of November, 2023, DORA has two new Co-Chairs, Ginny Barbour and Kelly Cobey, as well as a new Vice Chair, Rebecca Lawrence. We are so excited to welcome all three of them to the DORA team and look forward to working together to promote responsible research assessment. See each of their welcoming remarks below:

Co-Chairs of DORA

Ginny Barbour

“I am very excited and honoured to be joining with Kelly Cobey as DORA co-chair to work with DORA and the wider community.  My interest in the problems associated with metrics dates from my time as  an editor at PLOS Medicine back in 2004. More recently I have been involved in other work on research assessment, including the development of the Hong Kong Principles. Working in the university sector at Queensland University of Technology has given me a whole new side of thinking about metrics, including how metrics are intimately tied up with research culture, integrity, equity and, increasingly, open science.” Learn more about Ginny Barbour here.

Kelly Cobey

“It is a great privilege to be joining Ginny Barbour as DORA co-chair. I stand united with Ginny in a commitment to drive forward DORA’s mission to advocate for a fair, equitable, and responsible system of assessing research impact. I am excited to collaborate further with the Steering Committee and the broader DORA community, on this exciting journey. My interest in DORA related initiatives stems from my own experiences as an early career researcher, and from my program of metaresearch on open science implementation. I look forward to working with the community to create, implement, and evaluate novel approaches to research assessment.” Learn more about Kelly Cobey here.

Combined statement

“Together we look forward to taking forward the fantastic work that Stephen Curry has done in leading DORA and are very grateful for his leadership as first Chair of DORA and for his guidance to the Steering Committee and the DORA organisation over many years.”

Vice-Chair of DORA

Rebecca Lawrence

I feel very privileged to be elected as Vice-Chair of DORA, and am excited to be working with co-Chairs Ginny Barbour and Kelly Cobey to take DORA on the next stage of its journey. As an early signatory of DORA, I see the shift to responsible research assessment as the most crucial change required in the scholarly ecosystem to enable us to collectively benefit from open research practices that promise to accelerate research progress so that it can be translated into new knowledge. This is essential if we are to successfully tackle society’s biggest and most urgent challenges, and hence I am looking forward to working with the community to encourage proactive implementation of new ways of working across the system.” Learn more about Rebecca Lawrence here.

Casey Donahoe
Casey Donahoe is a DORA Policy Associate (2023-2024).

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