Bidding Farewell to DORA Chair Stephen Curry

In October 2017, Stephen Curry took on the position of Chair of DORA, acting as an advocate for equitable and responsible research assessment. During his time as Chair, he has been a dedicated advocate and champion for DORA. His contributions have been immense, including action plans aimed at increasing awareness of DORA, as well as promoting open scholarship and collaboration across the globe.

As his time with DORA comes to a close, he leaves us with the following parting words:

Stephen Curry

As I come to the end of my six-year term as Chair of the DORA Steering Committee, I can look back with some satisfaction and look forward with confidence. 

Since its inception, I have been a strong supporter of DORA. I was pleased to be part of a small group that secured the funding crucial to enabling DORA to become much more active in driving changes in policy and practice around research assessment, and was honoured to be elected chair in 2017. Over the last six years, DORA has grown in reach, authority, influence and impact. It is now a truly global organisation that is a leading light in research assessment reform movements around the world.

Chairing DORA has been one of the proudest achievements of my career, though of course DORA’s success has been very much a team effort, depending heavily on the tremendous commitment and energy of our steering committee members and staff – and collaborations with like-minded initiatives and organisations. I am particularly pleased with the shared emphasis on implementing reform, not just talking about it – DORA has developed a very practical mindset. 

Of course, the work is not yet done, but the winds of change are favourable. I have no doubt that DORA’s new co-chairs Ginny Barbour and Kelly Cobey, and vice-chair Rebecca Lawrence, will together take DORA to new heights. I will be cheering them on loudly from the sidelines – the mission of research assessment reform remains very dear to my heart.

-Stephen Curry

We thank Stephen for his remarkable contributions to DORA and wish him luck in his future endeavors.

Casey Donahoe
Casey Donahoe is a DORA Policy Associate (2023-2024).

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