Published — 2024

YUFERING Project: Report on the accreditation pilot based in Open Science criteria

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The Young Universities for the Future of Europe (YUFE) Transforming R&I through Europe-Wide Knowledge Transfer (YUFERING) project is a comprehensive initiative aimed at transforming Research and Innovation (R&I) practices across Europe by facilitating widespread knowledge transfer. It seeks to bridge the gap between researchers, innovators, and stakeholders by promoting collaboration and communication through existing networks and platforms. By fostering a more integrated R&I ecosystem, YUFERING aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas, expertise, and resources, ultimately accelerating the pace of innovation and driving positive societal change.

This 2024 YUFERING report provides an update on how research funding institutions have been proactive in testing novel evaluation techniques. Similarly, there’s a growing demand for universities to experiment with these methods, and YUFE has played a proactive part in developing and trialing fresh methodologies. They have collected feedback on the usefulness of a “structured CV” in the recruitment of YUFE4Postdocs, finding that “the committee members appreciated a holistic perspective in the assessment.” They also created the “YUFE Academic Assessment Portfolio,” which “ aims at helping universities in conducting holistic evaluations of teaching and research staff.” This assessment portfolio supports supplemental documentation and uses a narrative-style, ultimately helping to diversify the information available to evaluators.

Jouni Kekäle, Maria Pietilä, & Katri Rintamäki. (2024). Report on the accreditation pilot based in Open Science criteria (Version 2). Zenodo.