Published — 2021

Using Narrative CVs: Process optimization and bias mitigation

Position papers  For:FundersResearch institutes      DORA-produced

In this report, the authors consolidate the key learnings from a workshop hosted by DORA and Funding Organisations for Gender Equality Community of Practice (FORGEN CoP) on the adoption of narrative CVs for funding organizations. The workshop took place in the Fall of 2021 with more than 120 participants from 22 countries and more than 40 funding organizations.

The authors find the adoption of narrative CVs has been generally welcomed in the scholarly community because they provide a structured framework that allows for the recognition of a broader view of research achievements beyond peer-reviewed journal articles. However, narrative CVs have also generated some confusion and debate within the academic community.  How are narrative CVs evaluated? Does the focus on narrative description increase gender bias or bias against non-native language applicants?

The authors recommend three key actions to move forward in the implementation of Narrative CVs:

  • Creation of shared definition of what Narrative CVs are and what objectives they aim to achieve
  • Train reviewers, applicants and staff at funding organizations to improve consistency in the evaluation process
  • Monitor the effectiveness of narrative CVs to continually optimize their utility as a tool for robust research assessment.

Fritch R, Hatch A, Hazlett H, and Vinkenburg C. (2021). Using Narrative CVs.