Published — 2022

The Adaptation Research for Impact Principles

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The Adaptation Research Alliance (ARA) was launched at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in 2021 as a global collaborative effort for increased investment and action, to catalyze  action oriented research for effective adaptation to climate change. The Principles are focused in supporting and influencing climate change adaptation initiatives, and research in general. The six Adaptation Research for Impact Principles are:

  • Research is needs-driven, solutions-oriented and leads to a positive impact on the lives of those at risk from climate change
  • Research is transdisciplinary and co-produced with users
  • Research emphasizes societal impact
  • Research builds capacity and empowers actors for the long-term
  • Research processes address structural inequities that lead to increased vulnerability and reduced adaptive capacity of those at risk
  • Learning-while-doing enables adaptation action to be evidence-based and increasingly effective

ARA has a diverse membership base, consisting of 154 organizations from over 47 countries, that include research institutes, government entities,  societal enterprises and bilateral donors. The organizations work at grassroots levels, national and international levels, and all their contributions fall under the umbrella of climate action. The principles are open to iteration and will be reviewed periodically by the members of Alliance. To become a member of ARA, one can sign up using the link .