Published — 2023

SFI External Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy 2023-2028

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Science Foundation Ireland’s (SFI) Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy 2023-2028 is centered on SFI’s ambition that “its EDI Strategy will be a key driver of an inclusive, engaged research culture and, through this Strategy, SFI will be an agent of change.” The Agency aims to “lead in minimising barriers and ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to realise their role in addressing societal challenges.”

In the new Strategy, there are five goals, all of which aim to support a more equitable and inclusive research and innovation system. Five key objectives underpin the first overarching goal that “SFI’s research community – inclusive of applicants, reviewers, grantees, and stakeholders – reflects the diversity of society.” A number of this goal’s key objectives speak to dimensions of research assessment. The key measure of success for this goal is a demonstrable increase in Historically Underserved Community presence among applicants, reviewers, and grantees.

Goals two through five are as follows:

  1. Leadership on SFI grants represents the diversity of the research community.
  2. Historically Underserved Communities are increasingly engaged with SFI in the design, conduct, and evaluation of research.
  3. Barriers to entry in STEM education are identified and initiatives to help remove these barriers are implemented, enhancing the diversity of the talent pipeline.
  4. The research SFI funds embeds best-practice considerations of EDI in its design, methods, and ethical approach.

Find further information about SFI’s EDI journey, as well as the Strategy’s overarching EDI goals and their underpinning objectives here.


Science Foundation Ireland (2023). External Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy 2023-2028.