Researcher Impact Framework: Building Audience-Focused Evidence-Based Impact Narratives

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In 2022 Trinity College Dublin launched The Researcher Impact Framework (RIF), a tool designed to help researchers understand and communicate the impact of their work in four key areas:

  1. Knowledge generation
  2. Development of others and collaborations
  3. Contribution to the research community
  4. Addressing broader societal challenges

The RIF originated from Trinity College Dublin’s Research Impact Pilot and aims to support diverse career paths and profiles. Grounded in transdisciplinary principles, it draws from various frameworks including the Campus Engage Impact Framework and the Vitae Researcher Development Framework, and supports writing impact narratives in a format similar to the Resume for Researchers model used in European research. This tool is meant to be used to demonstrate the diverse impacts of a researcher through “evidence-based narratives that are audience-specific.”

Given its utility, Research Impact Canada and Fernando Borges from the University of Coimbra have aided in translating it into French and Portuguese respectively. Anabel Sanchez-Plaza from CREAF is supporting the authors with the Spanish version.




Spanish (coming in March 2024):

Lima, G. and Bowman, S. (2022). Researcher Impact Framework: Building Audience-Focused Evidence-Based Impact Narratives. Trinity College Dublin. [pdf] Dublin.