Updated — March 22, 2021

Research integrity: Nine ways to move from walk to talk

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Niels Mejlgaard and co-authors conducted a comprehensive study of research integrity in Europe, called “Standard Operating Procedures for Research Integrity (SOPs4RI).” Their work identified nine topics and accompanying action items to improve research integrity within three broad areas:

  • Support
    • Research environment
    • Supervision and mentoring, Integrity training
    • Ethics structures
  • Organization
    • Integrity breaches
    • Data practices and management
    • Research collaboration
  • Communication
    • Research collaboration
    • Declaration of interests
    • Publication and communication

The documents in support of these action items can be found on the SOPs4RI website. The SOPs4RI website is a four-year (2019-2022) project funded by the European Commission with the aim to provide online, freely accessible resources to help European Research Performing Organizations and Research Funding Organizations cultivate better research assessment practices. The SOPs4RI website provides multiple tools to explicitly address problematic research assessment practices including power imbalances and publication pressure.

Mejlgaard N, Bouter LM, Gaskell G, Kavouras P, Allum N, Bendtsen A, Charitidis CA, Claesen N, Dierickx K, Domaradzka A, Elizondo AR, Foeger N, Hiney M, Kaltenbrunner W, Labib K, Marušić A, Sørensen MP, Ravn T, Ščepanović R, Tijdink JK & Veltri GA (2020). Research integrity: 9 ways to move from walk to talk. doi: