Updated — May 11, 2021

Progress on Open Science: Towards a Shared Research Knowledge System

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This is the 2020 final report from the European Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP) that provides an update on the adoption of their Open Science recommendations (OSPP-REC, 2017) and their transformation on PCIs (Practical Commitments for Implementation). The OSPP is an advisory group established by the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission in May 2016. It is made up of 25 expert representatives of the broad constituency of European science stakeholders: Universities, Research Organizations, Academies and Learned Societies, Funding organizations, Citizen Science Organizations, Publishers, Open Science Platforms and Intermediaries, and Libraries.

The report documents specific examples of the progress of each stakeholder community across Europe has made in the implementation of OSPP’s Open Science recommendations, and provides a perspective from each group on remaining challenges that need to be addressed. It concludes with a call to action to develop and maintain a ‘Research System based on shared knowledge’ by 2030. Five attributes of a Research System based on shared knowledge are provided with examples and guidance for how to achieve each attribute:

  1. An academic career structure that rewards a broad range of outputs, practices and behaviours to maximise contributions to a shared research knowledge system.
  2. A research system that is reliable, transparent and trustworthy.
  3. A research system that enables innovation.
  4. A research culture that facilitates diversity and equity of opportunity.
  5. A research system that is built on evidence-based policy and research.