Published — 2024


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The Peer Exchange Platform for Narrative-style CVs (PEP-CV) is a free and open resource for everyone in research and innovation to add to existing guidance on narrative CVs. As a not-for-profit initiative, the PEP-CV platform is a collaborative effort among funders, institutions, and researchers that fosters a culture of collaboration, mutual learning, and expands national and international networks for research and innovation staff.

By providing simple peer mentoring exchanges, researchers can learn how to present their experiences, achievements, and career paths in narrative-style CVs. Trainees can access a number of mentors from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds and engage in discussion about how to best represent their experience. Mentors can provide valuable insight to scientists seeking feedback about how to use narrative CVs. PEP-CV mentors and trainees can be at any career stage, helping scientists of all varieties communicate about how to effectively present skills, and can also be from outside academia (e.g. policymakers, industry, etc.), cultivating mentorships both within and between sectors in research and innovation.

Marie Curie Alumni Association. 2024. PEP-CV.