Published — 2021

Knowledge Exchange Openness Profile

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This is a report that describes mechanisms and approaches to improve and incentivize the recording, the evaluation, and the recognition of contributions to Open Scholarship practice. It presents a digital resource called the Openness Profile (OP) and describes how the OP can help address existing gaps in the assessment of open science.

Developed by consultants Fiona Murphy and Phill Jones of MoreBrains Cooperative together with the Knowledge Exchange Research Evaluation task & finish group, the OP is a portfolio of a research contributor’s outputs and activities, accessible in a single place. One of the benefits of using the OP is that academic and non-academic open scholarship activities can be made visible and more easily recognized for evaluation.

The OP is modeling how research evaluation in an open science context can be improved. Recommendations are provided to various stakeholders for how to establish the OP as a research evaluation routine. Over 80 individual stakeholders from 48 different organizations provided input to this report on research assessment and open scholarship. The full report can be found here.

Jones P, Murphy F (2021). Openness Profile: Modelling research evaluation for open scholarship. doi: