Published — 2014


Good practices  For:Funders

The application process for EMBO Long-Term Fellowships emphasizes the most important outcomes and impact of the applicant’s work rather than where it is published and specifically states that journal impact factors should not be provided.

From “Helpful Notes for Applicants”
In the ‘achievements of PhD’ section please provide your own summary of what you consider the most important outcome(s) of your PhD work and the impact of your work on and beyond the respective scientific field.

In your publication list, you should indicate your three most important publications, i.e. the three primary research papers that in your view provided the most important and original contributions to scientific knowledge irrespective of journal name and impact factor. Do NOT add the journal impact factor. Citations to the article or other article level metrics with source may be listed, but are not essential.

From the FAQs
Are journal impact factors or journal name taken into account when evaluating applications?

Journal impact factors or name are not used in the evaluation and selection of applications. EMBO encourages evaluation of the quality of the scientific work and its impact on the field, rather than the Impact Factor of the journal in which it was published.