Published — 2018

Cancer Research UK (CRUK)

Good practices  For:Funders

CRUK recognizes value from all outputs of research, including publications. CRUK has modified its grant application process to ask candidates to describe the significance and impact of 3-5 key research achievements, which can include preprints, training delivered, contribution to consortia, patents, and sharing of key datasets, software, novel assays and reagents, and research publications.

The expert reviewers who evaluate research grants for CRUK also receive guidance on the organization’s commitment to DORA and on how the charity has strengthened the way it assesses research to focus on the scientific contribution. This guidance is delivered in multiple ways including inductions for new committee members, panel briefings, written guidance or modified peer review comment forms.  Reviewers are asked to consider the value and impact of all research outputs when assessing an applicant’s record of outputs, their key research achievements and their suitability in delivering the proposed research. Career breaks are also taken into consideration and appropriate adjustments are made when considering the record and impact of outputs. Reviewers are asked to recognize that the content of a scientific paper and its influence in the field hold more significance than publication metrics or where it was published.

CRUK encourages its network of research institutions to adopt and embed DORA principles in hiring, tenure and promotion decisions. CRUK summarized its new approach to assessing research and researcher quality in this blog.