Published — 2022

BEYOND LIMITS: New Ways to Reinvent Higher Education

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This document from UNESCO is a roadmap for higher education, prepared for the “3rd World Higher Education Conference (WHEC2022).” Within the roadmap are “signposts for co-creating more open, inclusive, equitable and collaborative higher education systems that democratize access and knowledge.” Recognizing the evolution of and advancements in higher education, UNESCO has outlined 5 sections discussing what this evolving landscape looks like, and practical approaches for progress.

Section 1. Evolving higher education landscape

Section 2. UNESCO’s vision of higher education

Section 3. Principles to shape the future

Section 4. Reinventing higher education

Section 5. Navigating towards 2030 and beyond

In section 5, there is notable discussion of reviewing research assessment and career evaluation systems that will consider changes in research cultures and the importance of sharing, collaboration, and engagement with other researchers and society, aligning them with principles of open science.

UNESCO (2022). BEYOND LIMITS New Ways to Reinvent Higher Education.