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Institution Profile: University of Zurich

Type of InstitutionComprehensive University or equivalent

• As part of Zurich University’s drive to curb gender bias across it’s organization, hiring committees are requested to consider a candidate’s ‘academic age’ and ‘life trajectory’ (e.g. considering parental leave; sick leave), and how many years of full-time equivalent of academic years have passed since they completed their PhD.
• Committee members are also provided with guidance on how to avoid unconscious gender bias in faculty recruitment.
• This focus on hiring practices is part of a wider suite of initiatives to mitigate gender bias across the university, including bridging pay gaps, increasing presence of women on committees, and increasing the proportion of women candidates.

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This packet from University of Zurich provides information on fair assessment of job candidates and how to recognize and avoid biases, specifically gender bias, during the hiring process.
University of Zurich
Switzerland (Comprehensive University or equivalent)
Equity and inclusion
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