Potentialities of Open Access Repositories for inclusive, diverse and equitable research assessment in LAC

Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) stands out for its approach to knowledge as a public and common good and for the extended adoption of open access in academic and scientific journals, managed by the academic community as a non-profit good. Early national and institutional regulations give priority to open access repositories and more recently, to open research data and other components of open science. Yet, research assessment systems face different obstacles and challenges to reflect, recognize and reward diverse research knowledge, in their own languages, its wider dissemination and social and community outreach.

The roundtable focuses on the ways open access repositories can contribute to more inclusive, diverse, and equitable research assessment processes in LAC. In the frame of DORA┬┤s 10 Anniversary and as part of COAR Annual Meeting 2023 to be held in Costa Rica, jointly organized with Consejo Nacional de Rectores (CONARE) and LA Referencia, this event supported by CLACSO-FOLEC seeks to strengthen the present and future research assessment through a more virtuous articulation with the scientific and knowledge information held in the distributed network of LAC repositories.


  • Marin Dacos, France
  • Laura Rovelli, CLACSO-FOLEC
  • Rodolfo Barrere, RICYT/Observatorio CTS OEI
  • Lautaro Matas, COAR Notify, Executive and Technical Director, La Referencia
  • Moderator: Kathleen Shearer, Executive Director, COAR

Event in English and Spanish, simultaneous translation.

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