Bridging the Gap: Exploring Innovative Opportunities for Research Libraries to Reform Research Assessment

RLUK’s Open Strategy Network (OSN) will join DORA’s worldwide community to deliver a workshop to reflect on the role of libraries in implementing DORA and to explore new and innovative opportunities for research libraries to reform research assessment. It will build on existing work and identify new collective and individual activities which we can take to accelerate and support change.

This workshop will focus on how research libraries can bridge the gap between institutional commitments to DORA and practical support and engagement for researchers, and research culture (and metrics).

It will be framed by brief case studies from RLUK Libraries (Leeds, Leicester, Newcastle and Reading) who will share their experiences supporting DORA, challenging research assessment orthodoxy and transforming policies, for example:

The case studies will reflect on and highlight key lessons, strategies and advocacy activities to provide a catalyst for new opportunities and lead into breakout groups.

These breakout groups will be dynamic and creative spaces for exploring next steps, new skills and advocacy activities. The outputs from this workshop activities will help to further embed DORA, inform the delivery of RLUK’s Strategy 2022-2025, in particular the Role of the Research Library and support change in the wider community.

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