Towards the future of responsible research assessment: Announcing DORA’s new three-year strategic plan

Five years after making a decisive shift to become an international campaigning initiative and completing the aims of its first strategic plan, the San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA) is pleased to announce a new three-year strategic plan to continue its focus on implementing global research assessment reform.

To meet the goals of our first strategic plan, published in 2018, we have:

To build on these efforts and identify the most important challenges ahead, DORA consulted extensively with the worldwide research community through a detailed survey and a series of informal interviews. The insights gathered from this consultation were of enormous help to DORA’s Steering Committee, which is itself made up of dedicated individuals from around the globe representing funders, publishers, scientific societies, and researchers, in drafting the new strategic plan. 

DORA’s 2023-2026 strategic plan defines four objectives that will provide the framework and focus for our work over the next three years. 

Our new strategic objectives are to:

  • Increase awareness of the negative impacts of research assessment practices that are too dependent on inappropriate metrics, and of the positive impacts of alternative practices
  • Accelerate the development of clear and concrete measures to reform research assessment
  • Support advocates of research assessment reform worldwide
  • Secure the funding needed to deliver DORA’s mission as efficiently and as rapidly as possible. 

The strategic plan outlines DORA’s principles, values, rationale, and outlines the specific activities that we hope to complete over the next three years. While we are still aiming to gather signatures as a show of individual and organizational commitment to reform, our main goal is to make significant progress to equip community members with the resources, community support, and tools they need to implement change. 

As our ten year anniversary approaches in May of this year, we look forward to working with you to usher in the next decade of responsible research assessment! If you would like to get involved or be signed up to our mailing list, let us know at

Haley Hazlett is DORA’s Acting Program Director, Stephen Curry is DORA’s Chair

Haley Hazlett
Dr. Haley Hazlett has been DORA's Program Manager since 2021. She was a DORA Policy Intern before taking the role of Program Manager. She obtained her Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology in 2021 and is passionate about improving research culture for all researchers.

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