DORA announces slides for its supporters!

We are pleased to share three slide-decks with the DORA community!  Science is communicated in part through presentations, and we hope that our supporters will feel empowered to initiate conversations about research assessment whenever they give a talk. We have three options available for download.



Option 1 is a single slide for DORA that can be added to the end of research talks or other presentations for a brief introduction to DORA and the importance of research assessment.

Single slide

Option 2 is a short presentation that can be used when you have a few minutes available to introduce good practices in research assessment that have implemented by research institutes, funders, and publishers. The presentation also includes a call to action for individuals and organizations.

Short DORA presentation

Option 3 is the longest presentation available and contains the most information about DORA and the value of responsible assessment. It describes DORA’s 18 recommendations, provides examples of good practice, and highlights DORA’s current activities that align with our roadmap.

Full DORA presentation

Changing the culture of research assessment takes time and effort. Raising awareness is an essential step in the process. We hope these slides can serve as conversation starters and initiate change locally!

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