2022 Policies
University of Maryland Department of Psychology

InstitutionUniversity of Maryland Department of Psychology
LocationUnited States of America
Institution TypeComprehensive University or equivalent
Assessment TopicsPortfolio assessment
Type of DecisionPromotion
Populations AffectedAssociate professors
Type of Source MaterialPolicies
Scope of PolicyDepartment
Academic DisciplinesSocial sciences
Source Material Linkhttps://psyc.umd.edu/sites/psyc.umd.edu/files/Policy_Documents/Psychology_UMD_APT_2022_Full_Professor.pdf

This document outlines principles and criteria guiding promotions to full professor at the Department of Psychology, University of Maryland. They stress the importance of recognizing diverse types of activities, in particular leadership, and encourage the use of annotated CVs to better contextualize achievements.

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