DORA Signers

Organizations and individuals

2006 organizations

Institute for Basic Science (IBS)
Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, Academy of Sciences of Moldovae
Institute of Predictive and Personalized Medicine of Cancer (IMPPC), Barcelona, Spain
Institute of Resource Governance and Social Change
Interciencia Journal
International Academy of Philosophy of Science
International Commission for Plant Pollinator Relations
International Council for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
International Geographical Union
International Insititute of Informatics and Cybernetics (IIIS)
International Journal of Comparative Psychology
International Society for Biocuration
International Society for Molecular Plant-Microbe Interactions
Irene Hames Consulting
ITHEA International Scientific Society
JMIR Publications
Journal of Integrative Plant Biology
Journal of Stress Physiology & Biochemistry
Journal of Web Semantics, Editors-in-Chief
Life Sciences Switzerland (LS2)
Linguistic Society of America
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (AS CR)
Lithuanian geographical society
Actionuni der Schweizer Mittelbau/Actionuni le corps intermediaire academique suisse
Loughborough University and College Union Branch
Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Hochschule Luzern)
Alsic Journal (Apprentissage des langues et systèmes d'information et de communication)
Altmetric LLP
Macedonian Journal of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)
American Association of Clinical Anatomists
American Mathematical Society
Medical Research Council Laboratory of Molecular Cell Biology
American Oil Chemists' Society
Molecular Biology of the Cell
American Society for Cell Biology
Molecular Oncology
American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS)
Molecular Systems Biology
American Society of Agronomy
National Childrens Research Centre Crumlin, Dublin Ireland
Annals of Forest Science
Network of The European Societies for Horticultural Science
Neuroscience Research Australia
ASES - Association des Sociologues de l'Enseignement Supérieur
Nigerian Institute for Trypanosomiasis (and Onchocerciasis Research
Association des enseignants chercheurs en science politique (AECSP)
Association of Australian Cotton Scientists
Open Data Hong Kong
Association of Research Libraries (ARL)
Associazione Italiana di Cultura Classica
Australian Academy of Science
Osterreichische Musikzeitschrift.
Austrian Science Fund (FWF)
Pedagogical Museum of the University of Huelva (Spain)
Physics Society of Iran (PSI)
Biochemical Society
Biology of the Cell
Proceedings of Science Open Reviewed
Biology Open
Proceedings of The National Academy Of Sciences (PNAS)
Public Health England
Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals
Brazilian Society for Cell Biology (SBBC)
British Fertility Society
Research Council of Lithuania
British Pharmacological Society
British Society for Cell Biology
Brunel University London
Canadian Science Publishing/NRC Research Press Journals
Revista Opinião Pública
Cassovia Life Sciences
CBE--Life Sciences Education
Cell Structure and Function (a journal published by Japanese Society of Cell Biology)
Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG)
Centro Nacional de Analisis Genomico (CNAG)
Semantic Web journal (by IOS Press)
SIB Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics
Clinical Science
SMF (French Mathematical Society)
Collegium Artium
Società Italiana di Biologia Vegetale (Italian Society of Plant Biology)
Committee on Appointments and Promotions (COAP), Division of Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of Medicine, The University of Chicago
Society for Developmental Biology
Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution
Society for Neuroscience
Society for the Study of Evolution
Consortium of European Taxonomic Facilities
Society for the Study of Reproduction
Society of Biology
Society of Chemists and Technologists of Macedonia
Society of Economic Geologists
Crop Science Society of America
Society of spanish researchers in Germany
Soil Science Society of America
Czech Mathematical Society
Spanish Crystallographic Association (GE3C)
Spanish Society for Analytical Chemistry
David Publishing Company
Department of Cell Biology, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
STOREP - Associazione Italiana per la Storia dell'Economia Politica
Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences
Swiss National Science Foundation
Disease Models & Mechanisms
Systematics Association
Doctoral Program in Critical Social/Personality Psychology, The Graduate Center of the City University of New York
ECS - The Electrochemical Society
Teletronic Ltd. Bulgaria
The American Physiological Society
The Anatomical Record
The Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes
The Bionics Institute
EMBO Reports
The Company of Biologists
ERA-EDTA (European Renal Association - European Dialysis and Transplant Association)
The EMBO Journal
Estonian Research Council
The European Association for Cancer Research (EACR)
ETH Zurich
The International Human Frontier Science Program Organization (HFSPO)
The International Society of Addiction Journal Editors
European Association of Science Editors
European Association of Social Anthropologists
The Journal of Cell Biology
European Astronomical Society (EAS)
The Journal of Experimental Biology
European Atherosclerosis Society (EAD)
European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers (EURODOC)
European Crystallographic Association
European Education Research Association (EERA)
The Macfarlane Burnet Institute for Medical Research and Public Health (Burnet Institute)
European Federation for Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC)
The Pan African Medical Journal
European Glaucoma Society
The Physiological Society
European Journal of Neuroscience
European Mathematical Society
The Royal Society
The Science Academy - Bilim Akademisi - Turkey
European Optical Society
European Society for Soil Conservation
The Winnower
European Society for the History of Science
European Sociological Association
Eversole Associates
UCL (University College London)
Faculty of Social Sciences, Kaunas university of technology
FEBS Journal
FEBS Letters
University of Bern
FEBS Open Bio
Federation of European Biochemical Societies
Flemish Council for Science and Innovatie - Vlaamse Raad voor Wetenschap en Innovatie
Fondazione Telethon
Foundation for Polish Science
University of Zurich
Francis Crick Institute
French Sociological Association
Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute
VSNU - Association of Universities in the Netherlands
Wellcome Trust
GAIA-Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society
Wellcome Trust-DBT India Alliance
Garvan Institute of Medical Research
Genetics Society of America (GSA)
WPOM-Working Papers on Operations Management
Geological Society of London
ZOOLOGIA. International Journal for Zoology
German Journal for Evidence and Quality in Healtcare ZEFQ
German Life Sciences Association (VBIO e. V.)
German Network for Evidence Based Medicine
Herpetological Conservation and Biology
Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE)
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Institute for Molecular Bioscience, Brisbane Australia
Institute of Mathematics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague
International Association for Food Protection
International Association for Plant Taxonomy
International Association for the Study of Pain
International Association of Veterinary Editors
International Communication Association (ICA)
International Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
Irish Mathematical Society
Italian Association of Psychology (AIP)
John Innes Centre
Journal of Biological Chemistry
Journal of Cell Science
Journal of Lipid Research
Journal of Neurochemistry (Society Journal of the International Society of Neurochemistry)
Journal of Thrombosis and Haemostasis
Leibniz Center for Informatics in Schloss Dagstuhl, publisher of the LIPIcs Proceedings Series
LIBER, the Association of European Research Libraries
Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

16271 individuals

First NameMiddle NameLast NameOrganization
Shikha Maheshwari JECRC, Jaipur
Azucena Nancy Rosillo Suárez Universidad Técnica de Manabí
Inês Alexandra Almeida University of Coimbra
Jose Alfonso Bernal Moyano University of Edinburgh
Justice Archer University of Bristol
Rich Boden University of Plymouth
Marc Thommen University of Zürich
Hubert Girault École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
Erika JAILLIER Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana
Joonha Jeon KAIST
Latika Gupta SGPGI
Shigehiro Kuraku RIKEN BDR
Gianfilippo Coppola Yale University
Patrizio Graziosi School of Engineering, University of Warwick
Francesco Epifano Dipartimento di Farmacia Università of Chieti-Pescara
Stephen Lloyd Michell University of Exeter
Anke Huckriede University Medical Center Groningen
Graeme Porte Cambridge University Press
Scot Evans University of Miami
HERIBERTO CASTAÑETA Universidad Mayor de San Andrés
Dalia Soledad Diez Universidad Pedagógica Experimental Libertador- Instituto Pedagógico de Caracas
Leandro Andrini INIFTA (Fac. Ciencias Exactas; UNLP-CONICET)
Jonatan Alvelid KTH Royal Institute of Technology
kai Wu Dongbei University of Finance and Economics
Francisco Javier NOVO University of Navarra
Michael Peter Helmuth Stumpf University of Melbourne
Regina Beatriz Vargas Revista Sociologias
Justin Westerfield University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Maria Paulina Pérez Universidad CES
Carlos Jesus Gonzalez universidad Autonoma de Ciudad Juarez
Patricio Cevallos PUCE
Mark Edward Smith Royal Veterinary College, University of London
Eleanor Jane McKay University of Edinburgh
Ute Bohnacker Uppsala University
Muhammad Umar East China Jiaotong University
Sabine Elisabeth Ladstaetter Austria Academy of Sciences
Roger Lewis University of Wollongong
Ruben A. ANANIAS Maderas Ciencia y Tecnologia
Luis Álvarez Rodas Universidad Politécnica Salesiana
Robert C Fowkes Royal Veterinary College, University of London
Nihar B Shah Carnegie Mellon University
Chris Evelo Maastricht University
Jean Nikola Cudina Universidad de San Buenaventura
Cristina Beatriz García Vázquez Revista (En)Clave Comahue
Linette Paola Salvo-Sepulveda UNIVERSIDAD DEL BÍO-BÍO
Kris Niño Gomez Valdehuesa Myongji University
Vito Tranquillo Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Lombardia e dell'Emilia Romagna
Andrea Alarcón Peña Universidad Militar Nueva Granada
Juan María Cuevas Silva Universidad Militar Nueva Granada
David Andrés Camargo Mayorga Universidad Militar Nueva Granada
Areli Flores Gaspar Universidad Militar Nueva Granada
Dora María Ballesteros Universidad Militar Nueva Granada
Carlos Andrés Gaviria Mendoza Universidad Militar Nueva Granada
Rodrigo Vargas Vitoria Revista Ciencias de la Actividad Física
Stephanie McBride-Schreiner Arizona State University
Konstantinos Anagnostopoulos National Technical University of Athens
Joaquín Hortal Spanish Scientific Council - CSIC
Miki Kallio University of Oulu
Fabrice Chrétien Institut Pasteur
Emma McHugh University of Melbourne
Olivia Maria Silva Carmo University of Melbourne, Australia
Susan Chapman Clemson University
Maulik Ravi Hajarnis Parul University
Omar AE Abu Arqub Al Balqa Applied University
Alfa Narendra Universitas Negeri Semarang
Smita Santoki Symbiosis Institute of International Business (SIIB)
Roland Pérez Université Montpellier
Sophia Lisowski Fox Chase Cancer Center
Anoud Abusalim Lancaster University
Ruchareka Wittayawuttikul Mahidol University
Phuoc Huu Nguyen United Nations
David Basso Unijui
Linda Makhlouf Imperial College London
Hervé Elettro EPFL
Stephanie Daumas Sorbonne universite
Eduardo Sousa González Revista CONTEXTO
Benjamin James Thomas University of Edinburgh
Rupesh Paudyal UK Research and Innovation
Hugo Aznar Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera
Thomas Hoogeboom Radboudumc
Klement Tockner Austrian Science Fund (FWF) & Freie Universität Berlin (Germany)
Shanchun Wu Shanchun Wu Hefei University of Technology
Alejandro Sebastián Villanueva AmeliCA
Pedro Camilo Alcantara Concepcion Universidad de Guanajuato
Peggy Assinck University of Edinburgh
Ch. Mahmood Anwar IJMESS Int'l Publishers
Meredyth Griffin University of Edinburgh
Rosa Aura Casal de Altuve Universidad de Los Andes
Claudio Mirasso Universitat de les Illes Balears
Cameron Brick Winton Centre, University of Cambridge
Iris Prunonosa Cervera University of Edinburgh
Jessica Butler University of Aberdeen
SUMIT NARULA Amity University, Madhya Pradesh
DAVID PÉREZ-CHICO Análisis. Revista de investigación filosófica
Gimena del Rio Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y Técnicas
Johannes Karstensen GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Marine Reseach Kiel
Sanjoy Kar Institute of Development Studies Kolkata (IDSK)
Adolfo Guzmán Muñoz University of Texas at Austin
adriano ceccarelli University of Turin
Kaveh Kavousi Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of Tehran
Marata Molinas Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Domenico Libri Institut Jacques Monod, CNRS
Fernando Manullang Universitas Indonesia
David John Katz Emory University
Dr Suneev Anil Bansal MAU, HP India 174103
Leang-Chung Choh Purdue University
Peter N. Lipke Biology dept, Brooklyn College CUNY
Eliana Maria Gouveia Fontes Embrapa
Reema Tayyem the university of Jordan
Daniel N Cox Georgia State University
Loek Brinkman Utrecht University
Jessica Lampe Universität Bern
Arash Hejazi Wiley
Salvador Bravo Jiménez Centro Asociado a la UNED en el Campo de Gibraltar
Daniel Gonzalo Eslava Fundación Universitaria del Área Andina
Heberto Romeo Priego-Alvarez Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco
Francisco Horacio da Silva Frota Universidade Estadual do Ceará
Lourdes Palacios Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana
Gerine M.A. Lodder Tilburg University
Sabine Kerstin Lengger University of Plymouth
Elaine Ellerton SAGE Publishing
Daniel Gibbs The Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Lucy Kershaw The University of Edinburgh
Catherine Abbott University of Edinburgh
Rosane Maria Seibert Revista de Gestão Estratégica de Organizações
Paqui Lucio University of the Basque Country
Stefania A Barzeva University Medical Center Groningen
Dirk Ostwald Freie Universität Berlin
Pedro Ferreira University Portucalense
Christian Schnier Edinburgh University
fadi Hassan Shihadeh Palestine Technical University
Katarzyna Arturi PSI
SUMIT KULSHRESTHA Mody University of Science and Technology
Marlene Sophie Magalhaes Pinto University of Edinburgh
Robert Kirchner TU Dresden
Lino von Klipstein University of Groningen, University Medical Center Groningen
Luigia Scudeller Fondazione IRCCS Policlinico San Matteo-Pavia
Rachel S Goldman University of Michigan
Thami Covatti Piaia Revista Direitos Culturais - Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões
Margherita Lanz Università Cattolica del S. Cuore
Miquel Correa Jönköping International Business School
Genaro Carrasco Rpindes
Raffaelina Rossetti DenkFlow
Amel Barich Geothermal Research Cluster (GEORG)
Mo Segad The chair of Stockholm University Young Faculty (SU-YF)
ANJANI KUMAR TIWARI BBA Central University, Lucknow, India
Pedro Antonio Lopez de Haro Universidad Autónoma Intercultural de Sinaloa
Richard Schuster Carleton University
Siobhan A. Connolly University of Edinburgh
Syed Akram Husain AEC
Najdah Zaini individual
Spyros N. Yannopoulos Institute of Chemical Engineering Sciences - Foundation of Research and Technology, Hellas
Ronald Eugene Drimmel INAF
Michael Lattorff International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe)
Mariusz Kędzierski Jagiellonian University in Kraków
Sofia Ribeiro Abreu Universidade Fernando Pessoa
Regina Lencastre CIIE-FPCEUP
Marco López - Paredes Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador
Amélie Gourdon-Kanhukamwe Kingston University
Sanjay Jatav Hamburg University of Technology
Man Kit Cheung The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Mauricio Andion-Gamboa Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, Unidad Xochimilco
Jan Duchoslav International Food Policy Research Institute
Pablo Caviedes ICBM, Fac. Medicine; and CeBiB, FCFM, Univ of Chile
Vesna Mandusic INN Vinca
Erwin Krauskopf Universidad Andres Bello
Sueli Mara Soares Pinto FERREIRA Universidade de São Paulo
Pablo Iriarte University of Geneva
Maurits Masselink University Medical Center Groningen
Mª Aranzazu López Franco Ministerio de Sanidad, Consumo y Bienestar Social
Paulo Antonio de Menezes Pereira da Silveira Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Siham Salmen Avances en Biomedicina
Bob Baulch International Food Policy Research Institute
Jojanneke Adriana Bastiaansen University Medical Center Groningen
Tania Jenkins The EvoKE Project & Swiss Academy of Sciences
Laura Lagostena IBF-CNR
Evangelos Christou International Hellenic University
Roberto sollberger Jeolas uninovr
Carlos Alberto Figueiredo da Silva Universidade Salgado de Oliveira
Regis Bertholon Haute Ecole Arc Conservation-Restauration, HES-SO University of Applied Sciences and arts Western Switzerland
Gala Arias Rubio Universidad Europea de Madrid
Sara Fovargue Lancaster University
Isabel Arends University Utrecht: Faculty of Science
Tinca Polderman Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Porfirio Neira SENATI
Javier Escudero Rodríguez University of Edinburgh
Ilham Akhsanu Ridlo Universitas Airlangga
David Schieferdecker Free University Berlin
Saleh Fahed Alkhatib Yarmouk University
Sarah Hadley Center for Biomedical Research Transparency
Robin Goodall-Copestake CIHI
Juan C. Saez Universidad de Valparaiso
Alberto Gamarra Gonzalo Universidad de Zaragoza
Corinna Jasmin Baumgartner Zurich University of Applied Sciences
arnaud gaudinat University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland (HES-SO)
Pierre Burdet HEIG-VD (HES-SO)
Roger Paul Roethlisberger HEIG-VD
Robin Niels Kok University of Southern Denmark
Rachel Johanna Jacoba Elands Maastricht University
Yasemin Turkyilmaz TU Delft
Paula Herrera-Idarraga Pontificia Unviersidad Javeriana
Elisabeth Adriana Dudziak Universidade de São Paulo
Bart Spee Utrecht University
Valentin Couvreur Université catholique de Louvain
Tomaz Zwitter University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Zachary Valbrun NJIT Student
Lilian R Daset Universidad Católica del Uruguay
Ferrán Catalá-López National School of Public Health, Instituto de Salud Carlos III, Madrid
Ilka Cerpes University of Ljubljana
Óscar López-Zaldívar Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
VÍCTOR CURTO Universitat Ramon Llull
Geir Aamodt Norwegian University of Life Sciences
Paloma Taltavull de La Paz University of Alicante
Adalberto Merighi University of Turin
Mehtab Alam Dow University of Health Sciences
Marija Jovanovski-Srceva Clinic for Anesthesia and Reanimation
Johana Jaramillo OpenConnection
Jose Miguel Camacho Corporación Universitaria Empresarial Alexander von Humboldt
Iris Schneider University of Cologne
Hatem Noureldin Hassan Mohamed World Health Organization, Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean
Farid Tari Universidade de São Paulo
David Gonzalez Gandara Xunta de Galicia
Ivonne Lujano Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
Paulo Jorge Menano Ribeiro da Fonseca IPMA - Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (Portuguese Institute for the Ocean and Atmosphere)
Vigneshwaran Sankar IITK
Luis Torres Nottingham University Business School China
María Soledad Córdoba Revista Etnografías Contemporáneas
Fredy Landy Hurtado Consejo de Aseguramiento de la Calidad de la Educación Superior
Daniel John Mannion University College London (UCL)
Mark Allen University of Wollongong
Michal Kandrik VU Amsterdam
Anna van 't Veer Leiden University
Apriel D Jolliffe Simpson University of Waikato
Emma Beauxis-Aussalet Amsterdam University of Applied Science
ANNE NDIDI MEREMIKWU University of Calabar
maryam akbarilakeh shahid beheshti university of medical sciences
Marcela Inés Hechenleitner Universidad Católica De La Santísima Concepción
Ona Domènech-Bagaria Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
Anthony Khawaja Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
Christian Schönbach Nazarbayev University
Manuela Epure Spiru Haret University
Jaime de la Rocha IDIBAPS
Betty Fuks Universidade Veiga de Almeida
Estelle Riquois Université Paris Descartes
Ruth Claire Wells CABI
Najma Cherrad UNIL
Alexander Sevrin Vrije Universiteit Brussel
Samuel Pushparaj Robert Jeyasingh Oklahoma State University
Maria José Rodrigues Paiva Universidade Federal da Paraíba
Cecilia Clara Morgan CONICET, Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina
Rosaria F S M Russo UNINOVE - Universidade Nove de Julho
Ignacio Fradejas-García Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona
Zhang Qinyun Beijing Normal University
Marianne M Ruud Institute for Experimental Medical Research
Julia C. Nentwich University of St. Gallen
Shu Kong Select Title
Vesna Dane Župan The "Svetozar Marković" University Library in Belgrade
Johny Javier Pambabay Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral
Luka Gruškovnjak University of Ljubljana
Vamshi Krishna Kamaja Nanyang Technological University
Liliana Suárez-Navaz Autonoma University, Madrid
María Elena Torrens Pérez Universidad San Gregorio de Portoviejo
Christa Schleper University of Vienna
Jose Luis Molina Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
Wisam Al-Shohani Middle Technical University
Geoffrey Norman Soutar UWA
Haecheon Choi Seoul National University
Eugene Gath University of Limerick
Pierre Sivadon Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour
Natalia Kopteva University of Limerick
Michael Tuite NUI Galway
Marcio Gomes Soares Univ. Federal de Minas Gerais
Margo Bargheer Göttingen State and University Library
Nacho Villar UNESP Rio Claro
Armen Parsyan University of Toronto
Francisco José Costa Universidade Federal da Paraíba
Makoto Uji University of St Andrews
Nejc Jogan Univ. of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Dept. of Biology
Said MADANI Laboratoire PUVIT, Université Ferhat Abbas Setif 1
Mikhail Kolobov University of Lille
Tafadzwanashe Mabhaudhi University of KwaZulu-Natal, School of Agricultural, Earth and Environmental Sciences
Dr Prerok Regmi SDM College of Ayurveda and Hospital, Udupi
Clarissa Menezes Maya Monteiro Fundação Oswaldo Cruz
Clemencia Zapata Lesmes Corporación Universitaria Rafael Núñez
Sophie Hallam London Metropolitan University
Stephen Wilkinson Lancaster University
María-Jose Cano Universidad de Granada . Spain
Paola Andrea Sanchez Sanchez Universidad Simón Bolívar
Paolo Piccione Universidade de São Paulo
Aristeidis Gkoumas University of the Aegean
Sakil Sarkar Calcutta university
Michael Cornelius Prusse Zurich University of Teacher Education (PHZH)
lailatul fadillah university of riau
Armindo Jose Perozo Mena Revista Kasmera Universidad del Zulia Venezuela
pawan prasad prasad student
Robert H Crawford The University of Melbourne
Cecilia Maria Arraiano ITQB / Universidade NOVA de Lisboa
RAMON MARTINEZ GARCIA Universidad de Málaga (UMA)
Björn Schumacher University of Cologne
David James Wraith Maynooth University, Ireland
Waqar Ahmad Awan University of Sargodha
Ursula Offenberger University of Tübingen
Yessica Muñoz Reyes Universidad Simon Bolivar
Wendy Almendrales Escobar Universidad Simón Bolívar
Stephen Barker Cardiff University
Prof.(Dr.) Ramanjeet Singh Amity University
Michael Singer Cardiff University
Nadia Paola Mazza Lancaster University
Diane Rose Keeble-Ramsay Anglia Ruskin University
Fionn Stevenson The University of Sheffield
Claire Hardaker Lancaster University
Jade Khalife Ministry of Public Health|Lund University|American University of Beirut
Chitra Meade Institute of Technology Carlow
Francesca De Nard University of Milan
Samantha Dyckman Boston College
Luiz Andrei Gonçalves Pereira Universidade Estadual de Montes Claros (UNIMONTES)
Luis Alberto Flores Gerencia Regional de Salud
Shiva Prasad H.C Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Manipal
Jonathan Esteban Gordillo Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
Philip Taranto IQOQI Vienna
Maitreyi E Das University of Tennessee at Knoxville
WEI ZHANG University of Leicester
Daan Alexander Ornée University of Groningen / University Medical Center Groningen
Festus Addo-Yobo University of Trinidad and Tobago
Tanja Balazic Pecek Institut of Autopoietic Organization
James Moore Imperial College London
Dr Umesh P Khanal Tribhuvan University Institute of medicine
Alicia Lindón Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana Iztapalapa
Jan Smits Eindhoven University of Technology
M. Lourdes Segura-Valdez UNAM
Hervé Lissek EPFL
Masayoshi Tonouchi Osaka University
Helen Cunnold Centre for Ecology and Hydrology
Katharina Werhahn IMS Halle
Matthias Sühring Leibniz University of Hannover
Sisira Dharmasri Jayasekara Central Bank of Sri Lanka
Dâmaris Silveira Fundação Universidade de Brasilia
Balan Sundarakani University of Wollongong in Dubai
Friday Ikuero De Montfort University
Claudio Damião Rosa State University of Santa Cruz
Dele Sunday Ogundahunsi Osun State University, Osogbo
Liane Lewis University of Strathclyde
Umar Ijaz Ahmed MNS University of Agriculture Multan
MOHD ABBAS HAIDER ABDY SAYYED S. R. Engineering College, Warangal, India
Binay Mahato purulia
islam osama okl Ain-Shams University
Jose Ramon º Bilbao Univesity of the Basque Country UPV/EHU
Manoj M Lalu OHRI
Kyle Mason-Jones Netherlands Institute of Ecology
Devendra Purushottam Lingojwar ATG LAB
Asad Ali federation uni
Julian Loeffel Department of Neurology at the University medical center of the johannes Gutenberg university mainz
Bérangère Durok University Grenoble Alpes
aida rutaquio aguinaldo formerly Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Department of Science and Technology
Ángel Ramón Hernández-Martínez Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Mohamed Elsherbini Cardiff University
Fausta Ulgheri National Research Council (CNR)
Mert Çağlar İstanbul Kültür University
Aleksandrina Patyshakuliyeva NIOO-KNAW
Perianen Ramasawmy University of Bristol
Mala Htun University of New Mexico
Tobias Heckmann Cath. University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt
Marta Barrera-Conde Universitat Pompeu Fabra
YOGESH MODI Defence Research and Development Organisation
Johanna Söderström Uppsala University
STEN WIDMALM Department of Government, Uppsala university
Li Bennich-Björkman Uppsala University
Klaus Keilig Technical University of Munich
Cesar A Hincapié Applied Heath Research Centre (AHRC), Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, St. Michael's Hospital
Indu Warrier Boston College
Paul Gerald Layague Sanchez European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)
Stefano Davide Vianello EPFL
Olaitan Jibola Jeremiah RCSI, Dublin 2
maria bellantone F1000
Marina Christ Franco UFPel
jorge eduardo mahecha-gomez universidad de antioquia
James W. Demastes University of Northern Iowa
Alejandro Sergio Kaminsky Revista Ciencias Agronómicas
Madasu Bhaskara Rao ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education
Revista Brasileira de Meio Ambiente Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia
Anis Irdina Azman University Student
Glenda Heller Cáceres IFRS
Lorena Siguenza-Guzman Universidad de Cuenca
Ismael Ben Fofana Boston College
Dan Kirschner Boston College
Philip John Landrigan Boston College
Brigitte Ella Lawhorn Boston College
Andrea Kirmaier Boston College
Christopher Kenaley Boston College
Peter Clote Boston college
Fatikhah Damayanti universitas PGRI Yogyakarta
Charles S Hoffman Boston College
Muhammad Shafiq Naresuan University
Defne Surujon Boston College
Jadson Freire Silva Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
Daniel Tagoe Boston College
Bimal Jana Boston College
Derek Matthew Thibault Boston College
Welkin E Johnson Boston College
Sarah McMenamin Boston College
Jia-Ping Huang Shenzhen University
Patrick J. Murphy University of Alabama at Birmingham
George Munchus Collat School of Business
Joseph Ladd LoPiccolo Enders Boston College
Heather Craig Olins Boston College
Matthew Crum Boston College
Sandra Dedrick Boston College
Stacy Nguyen Boston College
Laura Hake Boston College
Laura Anne Lowery Boston College
Diego Fernandez Sevilla (Digital Pubications as Open Source) "Diego Fdez-Sevilla, PhD. Filling In Finding Out Gaps Of Knowledge"
Caroline Leroux IVPC
Randy Raharja ETNOMARK Consulting
Vera Maria Ribeiro Nogueira Universidade Católica de Pelotas
Antoine Cogez Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris
Encarnación Martínez Álvarez IGDORE
Siddheshwar Shukla
Kate Mathers Eawag
Jana Krautz TU Dresden
Frithjof Arp University of Nottingham
Emilie Chalmin Université Savoie Mont Blanc -- EDYTEM
Niklas Carl Zimmer University of Cape Town
Marcio Pereira Basilio Universidade Federal Fluminense
Alfredo Miguel Anton-Sanchez GMV
EMRE SARI UiT The Arctic University of Norway
Bianca JJM Brundel Amsterdam UMC, VUmc
Andre Leon Sampaio Gradvohl University of Campinas
Barbara Dooley University College Dublin
Nabeel Salih Ali University of Kufa
Christopher Peter Stanley Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute
Sufiana Khatoon NUML
Garrelt Mellema Stockholm University
Dmitry Idiatov CNRS
Fadel Muhammad Amin Universitas Surabaya
Miguel Juarez Del Toro Trasciende de Mexico
damien huzard IGF
Mayuk Dasgupta Birla Institute of Management Technology
Luis Eduardo Fontes Cochrane
Suely Maymone de melo UNIFESP
Sridharan Ganesan Karolinska Institutet, Flemingsberg
Michael Pereira Champalimaud Research
Laurel Smith Alberta University of the Arts
Christopher Willard Alberta University of the Arts
Vania Mozetic Instituto de Cardiologia Dante Pazzanese
Rachel Riera Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo
Jan Luc Diane Ernest Cornelius Vynckier Universitaire ziekenhuizen Leuven
Ibrahim Alsharif T&E
Ferroudja Allouache Université Paris 8
Luigi Ciotti Università degli Studi di Sassari
Joan Fernando Chipia Universidad de Los Andes
Marta Torres CNRS
Emma McGrath Trinity College Dublin
Claudia Pons Sociedad Argentina de Informåtica SADIO
Sameer Kesava University of Oxford
David Belin University of Cambridge
Molly E McCue university of minnesota
Aurelien Houard Ecole Polytechnique
Grzegorz Krawiec Pedagogical University
Anton Grau Larsen Copenhagen Business School
Rafael Bojalil Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana
Gilles Forlot Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales
Teresa Fayos Universidad de Valencia, Spain
Jair Nascimento Santos UNIFACS
Marcos Garcia Universidade da Corunha
Antony Hosking Australian National University
Sarah Dennis Hall Coastal Carolina Community College
Masood Nawaz Kalyar GC University Faisalabad
manuel ETIENNE Normandie Université
Muddassaraha Sadaf National College of Business Administration & Economics
Kanwal Ameen University of the Punjab, Lahore
Christophe Hirtz Université de Montpellier
Mireya Mercedes Matamoros Zelaya Dirección de Medicina Forense de Honduras
yves-marie legrand CNRS
Tamsin Jane Ford University of Exeter
Eija Susanna Meriläinen Hanken School of Economics
Wanderan da Silva Alves UEPB
Érico Gurgel Amorim UFRN
Elaine Marie Worzala College of Charleston
Pär Ola Sandin University of Bergen
Rahul Pratap Singh Kaurav Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior
Sam YAN East China Normal University
Isabella Ellinger Medical University of Vienna
Malaika Pauline Yanou University of Amsterdam
Marco Arraya Universidade Aberta
Rachel Meneguello UNICAMP - Universidade de Campinas
Barbara Jaworski Loughborough University
Harry Tagbor University of Health and Allied Sciences
Daniel Greb Universität Duisburg-Essen
Daniel Brent Scott Laurentian University
Monika Kostera The Jagiellonian University
Richard McElreath Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Corina Logan Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology
Antoine Nowodzinski CEA
Vikas Gupta Amity University, Noida
Dean Korošak University of Maribor
Zahid Riaz Lahore School of Economics
Manuel Martínez-Nicolás Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid)
evan apri nardi University of maritime raja ali haji
Monica Crump NUI Galway
Enrique Cabanilla Universidad Central del Ecuador
Diana Minerva Idarraga Vallejo Facultad de Administración Universidad Nacional de Colombia sede Manizales
Nasly Márquez Gutiérrez Universidad del Valle
Rosa Anna Uribe Rice University
Lucas Gabriel Cardozo UNL
Ángeles Moreno University Rey Juan Carlos
Shaun de Witt United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
Paraskevas Kontis Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung GmbH
Shivani Agarwal Snappy Santa
Sandra Milena Restrepo Escobar Universidad Católica Luis Amigó
Desiree Villahermosa Caballero University of Sussex
Indu Peiris Open Polytechnic
Raj Kumar Bhattarai Nepal Commerce Campus, Tribhuvan University
Pablo Bruno D'Amico Biblioteca Utopía
Luisa Helena Ferreira Pinto Luisa Helena Ferreira Pinto
Beatrice Bloch Univesrité Bordeaux Montaigne
María Pe Pereira Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Anne Teissier CNRS
PHILIPPE SABOT University of Lille
Joëlle Mascetti CNRS
Adrize Rutz Porto Journal of Nursing and Health - Federal University of Pelotas
Toutain Olivier Burgundy School of Business
Guillaume BOIS CEA - Université Paris Saclay
Kara McNair University of Glasgow
Thilo Speckmann BCCHR / UBC
Fadila Maroteaux University of Versailles (France)
Mark Oliver Cunningham Trinity College Dublin
Pietro Delfino University of Verona
Ihab Hanna Sawalha American University of Madaba
Ahmad aljarah Girne American University
Saniat Islam Apon University of Western Australia
Uwana Evers The University of Western Australia
Adel Sarea Ahlia University
Christel Vivel ESDES UCLY
Sophie Reboud Burgundy School of Business
Tim Mazzarol University of Western Australia
Jehad Saleh Aldehayyat Alyamamh Universty
Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez Universidad EAFIT
Peter Kojo T. Grant University of Cape Coast, Cape Coast Ghana
Katherine Butler Schofield King's College London
Carmel Mothersill McMaster University
Jean-Claude Mollet University of Rouen Normandy
Vanda Collins Sherwood Design Group
Andrew Toyin Olagunju McMaster University/St Joseph Healthcare Hamilton
Jonathan Elías Tobal Universidad de Buenos Aires
Alexa Ramírez-Vega Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica
Hugo Moreno Reyes CIIDET TecNM México
Hamish Beath Imperial College London
Leonor Cutileiro Correia University of Sussex
Haseeb Md. Irfanullah Bangladesh Journal of Plant Taxonomy
Josette Badet University Paris Descartes
Pieter Schipper NWO
Haruni J. Machumu Mzumbe University
Burhan Ozkan Akdeniz University
Anna Hudson NeuRA
Cosmas Simon Mbogela Mzumbe university
Juliette Tariel Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Jennifer Kerzil Université Catholique de l'Ouest (UCO)
Jobbe Goossens University of Antwerp
Mohamed Boufarss ADVETI
Viviana Jiménez Universidad Americana
Yusuf Khan Jouf University
Mireille Sebbag INSERM
Lucía Correa Universidad Nacional de La Plata
Juan Miguel Juarez del Toro Trasciende de Mexico
Axel Kohler Goethe University Frankfurt
King Carl Tornam Duho NEG Consult (Ghana)
Giovanni Schiuma Università della Basilicata
Aidan Gregory Cashin Neuroscience Research Australia
Alex O. Holcombe The University of Sydney
Fenner Stanley Tanswell Loughborough University
Roland Seiler University of Bern, Institute of Sport Science
Santiago Wortman Jofre Queen Mary University of London
Sylvain Serra LATEP
Jorge Ignacio Martinez-Araya UNAB
Hal Caswell University of Amsterdam
Régis Grimaud Université de Pau et des Pays de l'Adour
Daphne Tuncer Imperial College London
Aurelien Tellier Technical University of Munich
Dave Hewitt Loughborough University
Pauli Kuosmanen Tampere University
Mathivannan Jaganathan No 372, School of Business Management
Robin Shields University of Bath
Isabella Wesiak University of Graz
Agustinus Pat Madyana Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta

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