Published — 2021

The SCOPE Framework: A five-stage process for evaluating research responsibly

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The International Network of Research Management Societies (INORMS) created a working group in 2018 to promote meaningful, responsible, and effective research evaluation practices.

In 2019, iNORMS released the first version of SCOPE framework, an important tool to provide practitioners a how-to guide to implement responsible research assessment.

In 2021, iNORMS Research Evaluation Working Group (REG) publishes the updated full guide for SCOPE model for responsible research evaluation encouraging institutions to start with what is valued, consider context, explore options for measuring, probe deeply, and evaluate the evaluation. 

To help make the case for responsible research evaluation using the SCOPE model, the group produced a series of resources that can help steer the design of robust evaluation: a One-Pager overview, a five-stage process poster and a full SCOPE guide, with principles, processes and case studies.