Published — 2021

The Open Reviewers Toolkit

Tools  For:Journals and publishersResearch institutes

The Open Reviewers Toolkit was created by PREreview in 2021 to help guide the responsible evaluation of research manuscripts. The toolkit offers guidance to help reviewers assess their biases during the review process, a framework for how to read and evaluate a manuscript, and a rubric for self-assessment to improve the review.  The toolkit features three guides:

  1. Bias Reflection Guide: a tool to help a reviewer assess their own biases and assumptions while reviewing a research manuscript, guiding them through a non-judgmental and self-reflective process.
  2. Reviewer Guide: a framework to guide a reviewer in the process of reading and evaluating a research manuscript, and writing a peer review report.
  3. Review Assessment Rubric: a rubric for the reviewer to help improve the review.