The Dutch Research Council Inclusive Assessment Toolkit

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The Dutch Research Council (NWO) developed a toolkit to support responsible assessment practices for reviewers and committee members . The toolkit includes videos and factsheets with suggested steps to help evaluators recognize implicit biases and strive for inclusive assessment principles and practices, such as:  

  • For Written Assessments:
    • Look critically at how your ideal image influences your assessment.
    • Base your assessment on the criteria provided by NWO (or respective funder)
    • Spend the same amount of time and attention on each application and apply the assessment criteria, in the same way, every time.
  • For Assessment Committee Meetings:
    • Prior to the assessment, agree on the structure of the meeting and code of conduct. Address these agreements during the meeting, if necessary.
    • During the meeting, give the same amount of speaking time to each committee member and alternate who may speak first.
    • Take notes during an interview or presentation, based on the criteria, and base your assessment on the content provided by the applicant.

Although this resource is directed at research evaluators contributing directly to NWO’s assessment processes, they offer a concrete model for those interested in embedding inclusiveness in their research assessment.