Published — 2020

Promotion & Tenure: Aligning incentives with institutional values and open science

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This repository contains resources for faculty and academic units that are working to transform how faculty are rewarded and evaluated for promotion and tenure, with the aim of promoting inclusivity via open science practices. This “Impact as Access” approach entails access to all aspects of research, including data sharing, direct involvement in research, and access to education resources. The goal of this approach is to reduce costs, empower underserved communities, and lower barriers to participation in scientific advancement.

The repository includes documents that draw on efforts by organizations like the National Academy of Sciences and HELIOS Open, focusing on aligning reward structures with open science practices to enhance the quality and reproducibility of research. These efforts include making research reports, data, analysis scripts, and research materials publicly available, as well as pre-registering research plans. Of note, this repository contains a folder of resources on “what can and should be incentivized,” which includes a variety of documents discussing open access, the use of clearly defined terms to describe research, good practices for hiring, promotion and tenure assessment, systematic injustice in research, and more.

Dougherty, M, Mayr, U, Srivastava, S, Gernsbacher, MA, Merchant, JS, Fitter, M, Poldrack, R, Bernat, E, Slevc, LR, McLennan, CT (2020). Promotion & Tenure: Aligning incentives with institutional values and open science.