Published — 2021

Linguistic Society of America: Statement on the Scholarly Merit and Evaluation of Open Scholarship in Linguistics

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The Linguistic Society of America (LSA) published a statement on their commitment to Open Scholarship and recommendations for the fair review of Open Scholarship in hiring, tenure, promotion, and awards. The statement defines Open Scholarship and outlines how LSA intends to apply principles of Open Scholarship: “The LSA encourages scholars, departments, and evaluation committees to actively place value on Open Scholarship in their evaluation process with the aim of encouraging greater accessibility, distribution, and use of linguistic research.”

The statement outlines the importance and gives examples of incentivizing Open Scholarship by highlighting its importance in job advertisements, hiring criteria, and review.

Additionally, the statement provides recommendations on how to evaluate Open Scholarship “including and beyond citations, including materials that both have formal peer review and those that do not not.” The statement provides examples like the use of a discipline-agnostic rubric for hiring and review processes. Additionally, the statement suggests incorporating a range of indicators into scholarly portfolios, “along with any other qualitative indicators (such as personal thank-yous, reuse stories, or online write-ups) that can give evaluators a sense of the impact of their work.”

See also the LSA Statement on Evaluation of Language Documentation for Hiring, Tenure, and Promotion.