Published — 2022

INORMS Initiatives: More Than Our Rank and SCOPE Framework for Research Evaluation

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The More Than Our Rank scheme and SCOPE Framework for Research Evaluation, launched by the International Network of Research Management Societies Research Evaluation Group (INORMS REG), are initiatives that both have a focus on equity in academia and research.

More Than Our Rank aims to address the limitations of global university rankings and encourage academic institutions to highlight their unique contributions to the world. This initiative is open to all institutions, regardless of their ranking. Participation signifies “commitment to responsible assessment and to acknowledging a broader and more diverse definition of institutional success.” There are currently 18 academic institutions that have become signatories of this initiative, and it is supported by a multitude of organizations.

SCOPE Framework for Research Evaluation is a five-stage model for evaluating responsibly. This systematic process assists research managers and evaluators in planning new evaluations and reviewing existing ones. SCOPE operates under three principles; evaluating only where necessary, evaluating with those being evaluated, and drawing on evaluation expertise by “incorporating a high level of methodological precision.” The five stages of SCOPE provide guidance for responsible research evaluation:

S: START with what you value

C: CONTEXT considerations

O: OPTIONS for evaluating

P: PROBE deeply

E: EVALUATE your evaluation

These initiatives are a reflection of INORMS’ goals to “enable interactions, share good practice, and coordinate activities between the member societies, to the benefit of their individual membership.”

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