Updated — December 21, 2020

How Journals and Publishers Can Help to Reform Research Assessment

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Editorial decisions influence research assessment. This article provides 10 concrete recommendations that journals and publishers can take to help improve how research is assessed.

  1. Cease the promotion of journal impact factors
  2. Provide article metrics and indicators
  3. Adopt the CRediT taxonomy for author contributions
  4. Ensure that all reference data deposited with Crossref is open
  5. Require authors to make all key data available according to FAIR principles
  6. Follow the data citation principles
  7. Encourage the use of unique identifiers (eg RRIDs)
  8. Require authors to use ORCIDs
  9. Publish peer review reports and author responses along with the article
  10. Examine ways to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion in the publishing process

Hatch A and Patterson M (2019). How journals and publishers can help to reform research assessment.