Ghent University

Good practices  For:Research institutes

Ghent University published a vision statement for evaluating research based on eight principles agreed on by the University’s Board of Governors:

  1. The choice of an appropriate evaluation method for research is in line with the objective of the evaluation.
  2. The evaluation takes into account the intended impact of the research; strictly academic, economic, societal, or a combination of these.
  3. The evaluation takes into account the diversity between disciplines.
  4. For each chosen evaluation method, the simplicity of the procedure is weighed up against the complexity of the research.
  5. The evaluation criteria are drawn up and communicated to all stakeholders in advance.
  6. There are sufficient experts on the evaluation committee who are in a position to adequately assess the quality of the research.
  7. The above principles are implemented by means of a smart choice of evaluation indicators and by adopting a holistic approach to peer review.
  8. Any committee or policy measure evaluating research, makes a best effort commitment to translate the above principles into practice.

In addition to these principles, the university made three major changes to faculty evaluation procedures. First, faculty members are now evaluated every five years, instead of the traditional two or four year time period. Second, the university is using committees as a career coaching tool for faculty members. Third, reports coming from faculty members themselves will be used for evaluation. Not output metrics.