Published — 2023

Evaluation of university research: A CINDA project to reflect on quality, improvement and diversity of research

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This work-in-progress paper outlines actions taken to implement the University Research Assessment Project led by the Center for Interuniversity Development (CINDA). CINDA is a specialist Latin American and European network that includes universities from over 15 countries. CINDA members manage inter-university collaborations, generate and disseminate knowledge, and contribute to the development of higher education and university management policies.

The goals of the Project, which began in 2022, include:

  • Analyze research assessment systems and reform efforts among member universities
  • Promote responsible use of bibliometric indicators and responsible assessment practices

This work-in-progress paper shared progress so far and initial learnings from the Project. Key take-aways at this stage in the project include:

  • Institutional context is highly relevant to the successful reform of research culture
  • A strong institutional alignment is needed for collective reflection on existing practices and decision-making on new practices
  • Buy-in is critical among those who are impacted by new policies (e.g., researchers and staff)
  • New policies and processes must be relevant, transparent and fair

Aravena S (2023). Evaluación de la investigación universitaria: Un proyecto CINDA para reflexionar sobre calidad, mejora y diversidad de la investigación. Link: