Published — 2023

Code of conduct for expert review panel members

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Reviewers play a critical role in upholding research integrity within the expert review and funding process at the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS). The expert review encompasses a diverse group ranging from researchers, clinicians, patients, survivors, caregivers, decision-makers, and knowledge users, collectively offering a multifaceted evaluation of research grant applications. In alignment with DORA, CCS advocates for a comprehensive assessment framework that does not rely on traditional metrics like journal impact factors or H-index. Instead, CCS review guidelines emphasize broader impact measures such as policy influence, real-world impacts, new knowledge, and open sharing of data and software.

The Code of Conduct for expert review panel members clarifies guidelines for the following:

  1. Review responsibly
  2. Declare and avoid conflicts of interest
  3. Reflect on your privileges and biases to provide a thoughtful and informed review
  4. Listen and be respectful before and during the panel meeting
  5. Honor confidentiality in the review process

Canadian Cancer Society (2023). Code of conduct for expert review panel members.