Published — 2020

Academia In Motion: Recognition & Rewards at Leiden University

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In support of the Dutch Recognition and Rewards Programme, Leiden University published a position paper “Academia in Motion: Recognition & Rewards at Leiden University” in 2021. In 2020, Leiden University’s Executive Board established a Recognition & Rewards steering committee made up of staff from a variety of positions and roles. The goals of the Recognition & Rewards steering committee are to:

  • Redefine the balance in the rewards for research, education, societal relevance and ‘service to the organisation’
  • Place less emphasis on individual performance and more on team performance when assessing societal performance
  • Find a new way to use metrics & rankings in policy-making and in decision-making about the careers of academics
  • Strengthen academic leadership

The steering committee has been appointed for a period of 18 months. Within this time frame, the committee will formulate a vision and clearly outlined plan to implement Recognition & Rewards reform at Leiden University.